Health and safety

We aim to provide employees with a safe workplace and to develop a culture of workplace safety. To do so, we are implementing the internationally recognised safety management system OHSAS 18001, and are working towards full certification.

At each of our sites, safety committees include both management and employees. To address specific safety risks, we develop targeted training programmes. For example, our Safe and Eco-Driving programme is helping us to reduce accidents among our fleet.
Our safety performance is reported in our annual Group CSR Report.

Health and wellbeing

We also conduct programmes to promote healthy active lifestyles among our employees. We partner with full service medical provider, enabling our employees to go to one place for all health issues and annual check ups, and ensuring regular reports are received containing information on most frequent illnesses and sick leaves information.

Football tournament

Employees from all the company’s departments participate in the annual football tournament that is organized by Coca-Cola HBC B-H. Our employee team won the Business League 2010, the annual football tournament organised for B-H companies, with a participation of 20 company teams.

Sarajevo Olimpija half-marathon

The company’s employees participate in the annual traditional Sarajevo Olimpija Half Marathon for 11,2 kilometres that takes place every September in Sarajevo and marks the International Car Free Day.

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