Developing our employees

Our business goals can only be achieved if we have a talented and engaged workforce. We therefore aim to attract capable employees, developing them to the best of their ability.

Training and development

One important way we do so is to offer excellent career opportunities. We significantly invest in formal training and balance this with development opportunities, such as assignments and projects. Our structured approach helps develop the leadership capabilities that we need to run our business successfully both now and in the future.

Engaging with employees

To ensure that our employees are motivated and involved, we keep them informed and listen to their views. In order to transmit important initiatives and advise of results and major project we do this in a variety of ways: from regular communication posts on all company billboards, internal magazine, through to cooperation with the Employee Council and regular opinion box checks and reviews. To ensure employee participation in developing company’s strategic initiatives we inform them through the business plan presentations and involve all levels in strategy workshops and annual business planning process.

We administer reward and recognition programmes, such as Employee of the Quarter (rewarding outstanding performance and behaviours) and Idea (rewarding innovation). We also celebrate success through annual Family Day, taking place each year after the season, as well as company anniversary celebrations where we award plaquettes for years of service.

Our annual engagement survey allows employees an opportunity to voice their opinions on a wide range of topics. We listen carefully to what we are told, developing action plans to address suggestions and concerns raised by employees.

Competitive remuneration

We also pay our employees competitively. To do so, we benchmark the compensation we offer against comparable high-performing companies.

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