Engaging with our stakeholders

We can only be successful if we consult widely with our stakeholders, listen to their concerns and work collaboratively.

These stakeholders are the people on whom we have the greatest impact -- or who have the greatest impact on us. They include: suppliers, customers, non-government organisations (NGOs), government, consumers and local communities among others. We learn from these groups in a variety of ways: from meetings to formal surveys of employees, customers, and others.

Working in partnership

Increasingly, we are working together on social and environmental issues with partnerships to address issues of shared concern.

We cooperate with:

  • The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, The Coca-Cola Company and nine municipalities and cities in the area of Vrbas river basin on the watershed project Clean Vrbas.
  • The non-governmental organisation Marathon for the Sarajevo - Olimpija half-marathon, mountain race Run to the Hills and street race Run to Europe projects, aimed at promoting active lifestyle and environment protection.
  • BIHPAK, the association for packaging waste management, aiming at promoting responsible packaging waste management and minimising its impact to environment.

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