Sport and physical activity

Encouraging people of all ages to exercise more is a major focus of our community initiatives. Approximately several thousands people actively participate in our sports and fitness activities each year in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

 Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina (OKBIH) Within the framework of the Coca-Cola Sports Initiative, many activities in the field of popular and professional sports are supported. The programs are based on partnerships with big international associations such as FIFA, UEFA or the IOC.

On a national level, we are proud partner of the Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina (OKBIH). By partnering on programmes such as the Young Talents and Sport for All we contribute to young athletes scholarship programme and promotion of Olympic sports among the youngest population

For many years Coca-Cola HBC B-H d.o.o. Sarajevo has been supporting sport events such as the Sarajevo Olimpija half-marathon, Run to Europe and Run to the Hills. These events are gaining in its popularity and attracting more participants every year.

In addition to community sports programmes, we are also supporting youth active lifestyle campaigns such as the KOŠ youth basketball tournament, STREETBALL international street basketball tournament, Gimnazijada (sport tournament gathering B-H high-school students) and sport activities involving primary school pupils such as Sarajevo winter swimming competition.

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