Disaster relief and recovery

Safe, clean drinking water is one of the most urgent needs in the wake of floods, droughts or other disasters. As a beverage manufacturer, we make it our duty to provide immediate assistance. Working together with relief agencies, we quickly mobilise our people and our facilities to swiftly deliver safe drinking water to those most in need. In January and June 2010 when our country was heavily hit by floods, Coca-Cola HBC B-H d.o.o. Sarajevo employees in cooperation with the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina, delivered 9,000 litres bottled water across Bosnia and Herzegovina to those affected the most.

Landmines recovery

We support affected communities for the long term where needed, helping them recover and rebuild in the aftermath. Some of such activities are support to landmine clearance and mine awareness educational campaigns.

Mine Risk Education

Although the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina ended 15 years ago, the land is still covered by landmines. It is estimated that at the 13.077 registered mine fields still remaining, there are 220,000 mines and unexploded devices, which make Bosnia and Herzegovina one of the most land mined countries in Europe.

In the past 15 years, since the end of the war, there were 1,665 victims of mines, 328 of which were children.

As part of our overall corporate social responsibility activities, Coca-Cola HBC B-H d.o.o. Sarajevo is recognized
as a leading company in de-mining community helping achieving vision Bosnia without landmines by 2019.

Night of Thousand Dinners

Coca-Cola HBC B-H d.o.o. Sarajevo has been involved in the Night of Thousand Dinners, a fundraising event representing a foundation for establishing partnership between private and public sector on the issue of mines, organised by the Canadian and US Embassies with the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Coca-Cola HBC d.o.o. Sarajevo was recognised as key corporate donor and was announced Golden Sponsor for consistency and continuity in achieving the vision Bosnia without landmines. We believe that raising awareness and mine risk education is the best way of achieving this vision with no casualties.

Therefore, as continuation of our efforts related to issue of landmines, since 2004 we have been partnering with the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina on campaign aiming at rising awareness on land mines among school age children.

Coca-Cola HBC B-H d.o.o. Sarajevo has been continuously supporting a series of mine risk education quiz competitions organized throughout the country. So far, thousands of school age children participated in these competitions.

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