Community development

In addition to our strategic focus areas, we also respond to specific needs and concerns.

Although operating in challenging time we never stop our efforts at improving life of our community. We aim at long–term partnerships, as we believe they are more successful than patchwork of many small different projects.

Since 1998 we are proud partner of the Sarajevo Film Festival. What began as a vision, over the years turned into a ten-day celebration of film and one of the key cultural events in the region - the event that is unique for its atmosphere in which Coca-Cola HBC B-H d.o.o. Sarajevo plays a major.

Our efforts to strengthen the valuable cultural and historical heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina and promote truism resulted in several projects such as partnering with the NGO Rotor on illumination of the 13th century fortress in Doboj and the Bascarsija Project, engaging talented students of the Sarajevo Academy of Art who made the most popular brand fully fit the local setting of Sarajevo’s and Mostar’s historic city centres.

Coca-Cola HBC B-H d.o.o. Sarajevo is achieving vision Sarajevo Olimpija full marathon by partnering with NGO Sarajevo Marathon in organizing Olimpija half-marathons meanwhile. Apart from major sporting programs we are also supporting a wide range of the popular sport activities promoting active lifestyle, including basketball and bicycling.

Helping socially disadvantaged people is our priority. In 2007 we launched the Coca-Cola is your friend initiative. Our employees assemble gifts made of their donated, books, toys and clothes, as well as our products and give-away items, and delivered them to orphanages and beneficiaries of social institutions across the country.

Among many, in the past several years, we have supported activities of the Christine Witcutt Day Care Centre in Sarajevo. The centre, which cares for children with special needs, helps children with art and creative activities. Our company, as one of the most engaged corporate partners, supplies equipment for the art workshop. To say thanks you, the centre gives back hand art pieces which are then distributed to our employees as birthday presents.

Coca-Cola HBC B-H d.o.o. has made many charitable donations in silence supporting similar causes.

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