In every community in which we operate, we aim to be a good neighbor, contributing to the quality of life. We bring economic benefits through our core business activities while also supporting community investment programmes.

Creating economic value

We make a significant contribution to the Bosnia and Herzegovina’s economy. At our plant, sales and distribution centres and offices, we employ 330 people. Tax revenues to government are another important contribution to the economy.
In addition, we bring indirect benefits. For example, the ‘multiplier effect’ of our business means that for every one job in our business system, up to eight times that number are supported among our suppliers and customers. As a major investor in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we can help to introduce new knowledge and technology, and attract other potential investors.

Community investment

Each year we contribute to our local communities through community investment projects. We work with community leaders, government and non-government organisations (NGOs) to develop long-term partnerships and programmes that bring real benefit.
We focus on three strategic areas:

Since these are the most relevant to our business skills and expertise, these are areas where we can make the greatest contributions. In addition to financial investment, we bring our business and technical skills to these partnerships.

We also provide emergency relief in the event of disasters and respond to requests for sponsorships, charitable and in-kind donations and volunteers. Our employees regularly participate in blood donation actions, humanitarian and actions of delivery of donations to children homes and institutions that care of people with special needs.

We use the widely recognised LBG Model to report our investment in our annual Group CSR report.

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