Still beverages


The fruit juices and fruit drinks we produce provide consumers with vitamins and nutrition as well as the liquid needed to maintain good levels of hydration, necessary to sustain a healthy, well-balanced life.

The range of fruit drinks we produce can be categorised as:

  • Fruit juice from concentrate, obtained by evaporating most of the water contained in the initial juice and then replacing it during the bottling process
  • Fruit nectar, a juice or a juice pulp to which water and varying amounts of sugar (depending on the fruit involved) are added
  • Fruit drinks, which are soft drinks that contain variable quantities of fruit juice, as well as water and sugar or sweeteners. On average, these have a fruit juice content of between 5 per cent and 12 per cent. They can be either sparkling (carbonated) or still.
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Cappy are top quality fruit juices and nectars with original natural flavours. They are made from fresh, carefully picked fruit. The wide spectrum of Cappy flavours in Bosnia and Herzegovina includes orange, apple, peach, blackcurrant, strawberry, cherry and multivitamin. For connoisseurs we recommend Cappy Premium, which offers top fruit content and exceptional taste in the flavours multivitamin, 100% orange and apple.

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Cappy Tempo

Cappy Tempo is a modern line of non-carbonated drinks rich with vitamins.
Cappy Tempo is available in apple, orange and multivitamin flavours.

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Tea beverages

We offer consumers ready-to-drink tea beverages in a variety of flavours under the Nestea brand. These include Lemon, Peach and Cranberry.

Across the Coca-Cola Hellenic Group Ready-to-Drink (RTD) teas are an increasingly popular beverage and in recent years their appeal has broadened.

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