Schweppes 0,25 L glass bottles

Schweppes is a sophisticated drink providing all our senses with a unique experience. Its tangy and sparkling taste, traditional quality, sophisticated and authentic flavors inspire a sensation of stile and genuineness.

As a sophisticated drink with a sour freshness, Schweppes refreshes in style with its memorable flavour. It is perfect to be tasted in the evening hours – alone or in combination with an alcoholic beverage.

Jacob Schweppes, the inventor of the commercial water carbonation process, introduced a new drink in Germany in 1783 – Schweppes.

The first factory to produce Schweppes was open in London. In 1999, The Coca-Cola Company bought the rights to most of the Schweppes brands. Schweppes is sold in 161 countries world-wide. It comes in three flavours: Schweppes Bitter Lemon, Schweppes Tangerine and Schweppes Indian Tonic Water.

Schweppes Indian Tonic Water recipe originates from the far 1870. It contains the aromas of tropical fruits and quinine which give it a recognizable tangy flavor. Schweppes Indian Tonic Water is a perfect choice to mix with alcoholic drinks.

Schweppes Bitter Lemon owes its authenticity to the special method of preparation and aromatic oils of lemon peel which is mixed with the pulp and quinine.

Package sizes:

  • 1.5 l PET bottle
  • 0.5 l PET bottle
  • 0.33 l can
  • 0.25 l glass bottle

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