Fanta 0.25L glass bottle

A seductive taste of orange in Fanta discloses individuality and optimism of those who drink it. Enriched with new fruit tastes and in cheerful colors, Fanta shows that there is no need to get those who drink it going, as they get the world going themselves! It is a favourite drink of teenagers that makes them live their lives whole-heartedly and enjoy the colors of life!

Fanta was first produced in 1941. Since Coca-Cola extracts were not available at this time, one bottling plant decided to produce a drink from available ingredients. The drink that was made from apple fiber was yellow and had a different flavour from today's Fanta Orange flavour. The flavour changed over the years, depending on the ingredients that were used.

Three flavours are currently available in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Fanta Orange, Fanta Lemon and Fanta Shokata (Elder+Lemon).

Package sizes:

  • 2 l PET bottle
  • 1.5 l PET bottle
  • 0.5 l PET bottle
  • 0.33 l can
  • 0.25 l glass bottle

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