Coca-Cola 0,25 L

When John Stith Pemberton discovered the famous caramel syrup flavor in Atlanta, Georgia in 1886, he did not even imagine that this beverage would become the most popular drink on the planet and that it would have several billions of fans in over 200 countries. The beverage was first served as a mix of Coca-Cola syrup and carbonated water, under the slogan “tasty and refreshing” that is still used today.

Coca-Cola is the world's most famous refreshment drink made out of plant extracts and is best when served cold and in an original Georgia Green Coke glass with four cubes of ice and a slice of lemon. It has a unique flavour that offers top enjoyment, inspiration and a real refreshment for body and soul. It inspires the force of optimism and makes every moment special.

Only an ice-cold Coke provides deep refreshment and awakens the best in you.

Package sizes:

  • 2 l PET bottle
  • 1.25 l PET bottle
  • 0.5 l PET bottle
  • 0.33 l can
  • 0.25 l glass bottle

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