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Burn was created to boost the energy of highly active people. Burn is a non-alcoholic, refreshing energy drink that charges the senses of young people who want to party, giving them energy to party all night long. Burn provides physical and mental energy. It can be consumed any time of the day, especially when the need for an energy refreshment arises.

Made available to our consumers in 2008, Burn contains an extra serving of caffeine derived from Guarana, a Brazilian plant renowned as a natural dietary supplement that supplies heightened Vigour.

Burn attracts the younger generation – the real fun lies in unpredictable and exciting nocturnal outings, full of sensuality and challenges. Young people want to have a great time when they go out and want to feel free! Burn gives them the chance to free their primeval senses and have a magic night!

The unique, mysterious black can with the dynamic and strong Burn flame contains a drink with a powerful formula that gives energy.

Package sizes:

  • 0.25 l can
  • 0.5 l PET bottle

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