Sparkling beverages

Coca-Cola - sparkling beverage

Coca-Cola is the most popular and best-selling carbonated non-alcoholic beverage in history and the best known product in the world.
Icy cold, it is always there for you to quench the thirst and get the optimism going, while it offers irreplaceable pleasure to the senses!

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Coca-Cola Zero - sparkling beverage

If you do not accept compromises and want real Coke flavor without sugar – then Coca-Cola Zero is the best choice for you. It is intended for people who lead active lives, take care about what they eat but also want to enjoy the taste of the food they consume.

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Fanta - sparkling beverage

Fanta is an inspirational, fun and playful drink, full of cheerfulness and mixed colours. Fanta is intended for young people and all those who feel that way. It incites smiles and happiness and inspires us to look at the world we live in in a colourful and cheerful manner! Fanta is life in colours – experienced with all senses.

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Sprite - sparkling beverage

Sprite, a carbonated refreshment drink derived from a lemon and lime base, is the third global brand of The Coca-Cola Company that was introduced in 1961.

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Schweppes - sparkling beverage

Schweppes is a refreshing, non-alcoholic drink made from a plant extract. It is intended for adults with style who like social events, who like to be noticed and know how to enjoy life.

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Burn - Energy drink

Energy drinks

Energy drinks, such as Burn provide vigorous consumers with an extra boost while leading an active lifestyle ‘during the day … and night’.

Designed for adults, energy drinks usually contain the following main ingredients:

  • Sugar, a source of energy
  • Caffeine, a mild stimulant in combination with sugar, it is known as being particularly energising and invigorating
  • Vitamin B
  • Taurine, glucuronolactone and inositol (depending on the local adaptation)

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