September 16, 2013

One step closer to accomplishing the vision: “Sarajevo – The Marathon City”

The citizens of Sarajevo welcomed more than 1,000 runners from all over the world, among which were the Coca – Cola HBC B-H team and Deputy Mayor of Sarajevo. Apart from promoting healthy lifestyle the 7th Sarajevo Sberbank Half Marathon marked the International Car-Free day

The NGO “Marathon”, The City of Sarajevo and Coca-Cola HBC B-H Sarajevo, by partnering on organization of the 7th Sarajevo Half Sberbank Marathon, as well as the Nato Fun Run Race, have continued their seven years long collaboration in accomplishing the vision ‘Sarajevo – The Marathon City’.

Sarajevo half marathon and Fun Run“We have broken the record, this year we have had more participants than ever, which only goes to show that the Sarajevo Half Marathon has become an important sport event,” said Erol Mujanović, the director of the NGO “Marathon”.

“Sarajevo remains in the prestigious company of the cities who organize marathons and half marathons, making it a tradition to organize this event and thus promote the city, but also the awareness on how important it is to have exercise, live healthily, as well as socialize and meet new people,” said Dr. Ranko Čović, Deputy Mayor and the first among the city officials to take part in the race and promote healthy lifestyle himself.

The winners of this year’s race are Tamaš Nađi from Hungary and Biljana Cvjanović from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The members of the Coca-Cola HBC B-H Team have also given their contribution by running and finishing the 22.1 kilometers of the race.

Mircea Draja, General Manager of Coca-Cola HBC B-H said: “I believe that your example will be followed by many Coca-Cola HBC B-H employees and that, in the years to come, we will have more people on our team. This will help us raise awareness on how important running is and encourage a competitive spirit that our company cherishes,” congratulating to members of Coca-Cola team on finishing the race and on leading by example in promoting active and healthy lifestyle within the company, as well as the community.

"The Fun Run race shows an increasing interest in living a healthy life. We hope that in the years to come, we will recruit new runners. By organising the 7th half marathon, we are one step closer to accomplishing our vision ‘Sarajevo – The Marathon City’”, concluded Erol Mujanović. He took the opportunity to thank all the partners who have continuously supported the organisation of this event.


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