June 28, 2013

2013 Danube Day celebrated at Vrelo Bosna – the source of the River Bosna

As Bosnia and Herzegovina took over the 2013 ICPDR Presidency, the central event in celebration of the Danube Day was organised on 28 June, in the surroundings of Vrelo Bosna, the protected area and the source of the River Bosna. The event was hosted by the President of the ICPDR and the Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ermina Salkičević-Dizdarević.

Dan Dunava prvi dan "Being the country presiding the Commission, we aim at raising awareness of all participants in this process about the importance of preservation of water resources biodiversity in all countries of the Danube basin. The ICPDR has made substantial progress in fulfilling the tasks given to it by the European Commission. Two plans for management of river basins have already been completed, while the third is in the process of preparation and will be completed by 2014", stressed the ICPDR President.

Dan Dunava treci danCoca-Cola HBC BiH was a major partner of the event, which addressed the issues concerning river protection and preservation. As a part of the event, Ekotim, an NGO, organised an exhibition of the Danube Master Competition entries – paintings related to the protection of the Danube River. School age children from the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina took part in the competition. Winners were announced and awards were presented to the most creative young artists.

Dan Dunava drugi dan "It is with great pleasure that Coca-Cola joins this year’s celebration of Danube Day, in the year in which our country, Bosnia and Hercegovina, presides the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River. Caring about water is one of the long-term priorities of Coca-Cola and there are many efforts and activities taken in this area. One of them is the partnership on the "Clean Vrbas" program, aiming for its successful implementation to become an example in the preservation and strengthening of the economic potential of other basins in the country and the region", said Alma Šahbaz, Communications and Community Relations Manager.

Dan Dunava cetvrti dan Among other guests attending the event, there were also the representatives of the ICPDR, national ministers, environmental NGOs and Ambassadors of "Danube Countries". Danube Day is celebrated in fourteen countries signatories of the Danube River Protection Convention, signed on 29 June 1994 in Sofia, Bulgaria.


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