Play to Win Strategic Framework

Our 2020 Play to Win Strategic Framework is based on our core values and four strategic imperatives; community trust, consumer relevance, customer preference and cost leadership. We “Play to Win” with The Coca-Cola Company, our partners in growth. Unparalleled talent and high performance mindset are key enablers of our efforts to achieve our aspirational targets.
Strategic Framework

Community trust

Sustainable growth for our business goes hand in hand with sustainable development for our communities. We are deeply committed to creating value for these communities and building our reputation as a trusted partner and a force for positive change. Today, more than ever before, business and society must work together to create sustainable environmental, economic and social change: to make a difference and create a better world for our children.

Our aim is to work with communities to continue to build trust: trust in our brands and products, trust in our actions as citizens and trust in the future. To do this we strive to be open, transparent and collaborative in all our actions and communications.

Consumer relevance

Winning in the marketplace begins with anticipating and meeting the needs of our consumers, a task which Coca-Cola Hellenic is uniquely placed to perform. We manage a portfolio of the world’s leading beverage brands , which we strategically leverage to capture clearly defined market opportunities.

We also continue to introduce product and packaging innovations to meet consumers’ evolving lifestyles and tastes. In the marketplace, we are rolling out a powerful strategy for consumer-driven execution that enhances relevance and revenue growth and will allow us to capture untapped opportunities across our markets.

Customer preference

The retail environment for beverages continues to transform rapidly, with the trend towards organised, large-scale and discount retail formats expanding to more of our markets. Our response has been to make ‘customer preference’ a core value of our business. This means building true collaboration and partnerships that create sustainable value and profitable growth for our business and our customers across all key channels.

By finding new ways to win together in the marketplace, we aim to be the preferred supplier to all of our customers. To achieve this, we have adopted a comprehensive set of initiatives designed to build collaborative customer relationships and ensure excellence in market execution.

Cost leadership

At Coca-Cola Hellenic, effective cost management is an essential part of our long-term strategy for market leadership and sustainable growth. Cost leadership means creating a lean, cost efficient, borderless organisation that will be able to exploit synergies and capture future growth opportunities with maximum efficiency, while continually improving our delivery of best-in class service.

Activities to achieve an effective cost management

• The SAP Wave 2 enables the standardisation of key business processes and systems that will capture new operational efficiencies across the Group. Currently SAP Wave 2 is operational in 21 of our markets, representing nearly three-quarters of our turnover.
• The newly established Coca-Cola Hellenic Business Services Organisation (BSO) that will standardise, centralise, coordinate and simplify certain Finance and Human Resources processes to improve productivity and provide important transactional services at a lower cost. Since November 2011, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland and Cyprus were the countries to transition to BSO. More will follow in the coming years.
• Optimisation of our production and distribution infrastructure
• Development of personal cost ownership throughout the organisation
• Logistic excellence
• Strong free cash flow to support long-term growth

You can read more analytically about the cost leadership activities in the upcoming 2011 Annual Report.

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